Stephanie, Sydney

I am a married woman in my sixties, and I would like to take this opportunity to praise Katherine’s skill as a hypnotherapist. I engaged Katherine’s on a bit of a whim when I was having trouble losing weight, which I was blaming on an inability to sleep which meant I had trouble getting up in the morning to exercise. I didn’t really know what hypnosis was all about, so I was a bit sceptical. Even with my slight scepticism, Katherine’s easily hypnotized me – you do not lose any control, your mind is just relaxed, allowing your subconscious to be accessed. Through gentle but firm questioning, she found that, due to one shock too many in my personal life, I was a little depressed and totally unmotivated. My session lasted about 1.75 hours – it seemed like minutes.

I followed up the initial session by listening to the tape Katherine’s left me, and I have turned my life around. I have lost weight, my sleeping has improved, and I am enjoying swimming laps, either in the morning or the afternoon.

Since then, I have spoken to others about the results and underlying causes, and find I am not alone. Quite a few have indicated they are interested in trying hypnosis as a means of motivation and I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine. All in all, it was a lovely experience.