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Feedback I’ve Received

Katherine has an exceptional talent for leading you to a sense of groundedness, well being and clarity. Steeped in a background of deep scientific knowledge she leverages this with her heartfelt wisdom to help you know an intended life. Her calming and generous nature has supported me to gain confidence and calm. I'd highly recommend Katherine's services.

Cathy Career Coach Melbourne

My session with Katherine was astounding. I've had healing with a lot of modalities but I particularly loved the practical and simple approach - while bang! - cutting straight to the issue of things in a way I hadn't come to myself. The recording was invaluable. I really felt that I was conquering something that gave me so much relief on many levels. I think it was the relief that surprised me the most.
Thank you Katherine

Lee  Osteopath Melbourne

For many years I have suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. I have tried a lot of different treatments with varying degrees of success. It seemed that I would easily lapse back into ruminating about things I'd wish I had done differently or wasting many hours worrying about things that rarely ever eventuated. It took a hypnotherapy session with Katherine to really get me out of the rut in which I was stuck. I was feeling overwhelmed with life but in a very short period of time, things started to turn around for me. I started to see my confidence improve and I found myself not only speaking up for myself and asserting myself but doing things I never thought I would've. Sometimes I find myself out of my comfort zone but I feel good about the fact that I pushed myself to try new things and take more risks. I'm learning to conquer my fears and I'm finding new purpose in life.

Fiona Canberra

I was blessed to have a wonderful RTT session with Katherine a few weeks ago. I wanted to clear success and abundance fears that have been undermining me for years. I wanted to feel that I could move forward Powerfully with my new business. Katherine is a very compassionate therapist who guided me skill fully through the session. We uncovered that the blocks to creating financial success lay in beliefs from childhood where I had understandably made the connection that Money equaled misery. My whole life I had actively been avoiding misery... yet the belief had not been serving me... and was actively holding me back. Since the session I have felt a peace about the potential of my new business not previously experienced and a certainty that success is imminent. Thanks Katherine!

Nemara Wilde

My RTT session with Katherine was amazing. I noticed a shift the very next day in my thinking around the issue we worked on. She is a phenomenal therapist and I highly recommend her !!

RL, Ashland Oregan

I have suffered several addictions over the years. My new addiction was sugar then I gave that up and took up coffee and sweets. Albeit the sweets were now natural, refined sugar free or raw, they were still a sweet and a big addiction. Sometimes I would find myself eating 3 in a day, but for certain I had to have at least one daily. Finally, I decided after being fed up of being controlled by this expensive addiction. I did the session with Katherine, and I followed the 21-day program. I am happy to say that I feel free of this addiction. It has been about 2 months, I have had the occasional desert but the first one I had didn’t feel like I was filling a gap, it tasted very different 😊. I would highly recommend trying Katherine if you had an addiction as it worked for me. 

Tui Cordemans, Melbourne

I am a married woman in my sixties, and I would like to take this opportunity to praise Katherine’s skill as a hypnotherapist.  I engaged Katherine’s on a bit of a whim when I was having trouble losing weight, which I was blaming on an inability to sleep which meant I had trouble getting up in the morning to exercise.  I didn't really know what hypnosis was all about, so I was a bit sceptical.  Even with my slight scepticism, Katherine’s easily hypnotized me - you do not lose any control, your mind is just relaxed, allowing your subconscious to be accessed.   Through gentle but firm questioning, she found that, due to one shock too many in my personal life, I was a little depressed and totally unmotivated.  My session lasted about 1.75 hours - it seemed like minutes.


I followed up the initial session by listening to the tape Katherine’s left me, and I have turned my life around.  I have lost weight, my sleeping has improved, and I am enjoying swimming laps, either in the morning or the afternoon.


Since then, I have spoken to others about the results and underlying causes, and find I am not alone.  Quite a few have indicated they are interested in trying hypnosis as a means of motivation and I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine.  All in all, it was a lovely experience.

Stephanie, Sydney

There is always a lot of skepticism around therapy and whether it actually works. Whatever the beliefs, the proof is in the pudding. Having experienced the RTT, I can unequivocally say that it works. I have rediscovered who I was 5 years ago and who I am meant to be. RTT has not only helped me get past my anxiety, but given me amazing life skills to achieve beyond my wildest dreams. Now I am on track. Thank you Katherine

NDL Melbourne.

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